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Brand Assets


Download Swatches

30% Opacity Increments 

Alpine Blue




7459 C


70, 22, 24, 0

Primary Color

Alpine Dark




419 C


72, 66, 65, 75

Secondary Color

Alpine Red




1815 C


31, 95, 89, 38

Alternate Color

Alpine Red should be used sparingly, do not use any other colors unless given explicit approval by Alpine Air’s Art Director. Alpine Air’s aircraft and conversions are designed with precision, so the brand should reflect that. Please use the examples provided in this branding guide as a reference.



Download Components

Alpine Air Pattern example-02.png

Blueprint Grid

Alpine Air Grid-04.png

Dash Pattern

Alpine Air pattern-03.png

Accent Lines

This hairline grid should be used to portray a blueprint, to emphasize precision, knowledge, and advancement of Alpine Air. When creating marketing material this background should be used sparingly and with care, do not overuse it. The grid should fade out and only fade toward the bottom, always use the Alpine Blue for the grid itself over top of Alpine Dark or White. The accent lines along with the blueprint grid should always be a hairline thickness and should not be scaled too large. Another design element to be utilized is the dash pattern with the precision accent lines you find to the left. These should be used as secondary elements to symbolize drawings on a blueprint. All elements should be designed with 90° and 45° angles. All lines and blueprint markers should utilize hard square edges, while the dash pattern uses round edges. Use the example above as a reference.


Download Logos

Alpine Air 2019 Icon Rebrand - Dark.png
Alpine Air 2019 Logo Rebrand - Dark.png

The Alpine Air logos should only be used in official colors that have been approved, use the official files that are provided on our website or servers. In certain circumstances, the logo can be used in solid white and solid Alpine Dark. Never use any other colors on or as a background to our logo. The examples apply to all versions of our logo, never stretch, deconstruct, rotate, fill, edit or change the Alpine Air logo, we like it how it is! Please don’t use our name, logos, (“brand materials”) in ways that may be confusing, misleading, or suggest our sponsorship, endorsement, or affiliation. These same principles apply to any sub-brands and or logos used or managed by Alpine Air.

Branding Avoid Logo Example-08.png

Avoid using the logo on busy backgrounds.

Branding Avoid Logo Example-07.png

Avoid using old versions of the logo.

Branding Avoid Logo Example-05.png

Avoid using the logo on a contextually colored background.

Branding Avoid Logo Example-10.png

Avoid stretching or compressing the logo.

Branding Avoid Logo Example-02.png

Avoid rotating the logo.

Branding Avoid Logo Example-04.png

Avoid filling or adding colors to the logo.

Branding Avoid Logo Example-03.png

Avoid deconstructing the logo.

Branding Avoid Logo Example-06.png

Avoid adding effects like shadows, dimensions, and gradients to the logo.

Branding Avoid Logo Example-09.png

Avoid placing the logo in a shape or container.

Alpine Air logo example-02.png


Download Template

Low Saturation


Image Setup Low Sat.jpg
Image Setup B&W.jpg
Image Setup White Overlay.jpg
Image Setup Blue Overlay.jpg
Image Setup B&W Blue Overlay.jpg

30% Opacity Overlay

B&W with Alpine Blue Overlay

Alpine Blue Overlay

White Overlay

For all imagery, the Photoshop curves should be set up like this to eliminate deep blacks and bright whites, while color saturation kept low. This should go without saying, all images should be of the highest quality and clarity (no blurry or pixelated images).

Photoshop Curves-01.png

Photoshop Curves

Site Branding Banners-01.jpg


Download Fonts



Bison Demibold/Bold

Myriad Pro Light















The font Bison weights bold and Demibold are the official header fonts of Alpine Air. The paragraph font for Alpine is Myriad Pro, this font brings together the technical aspect of the brand. Please do not adjust the character tracking (leave it at 0) and do not stretch or manipulate the text. Myriad Pro and Bison should be the ONLY fonts used in conjunction with the Alpine Brand.

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Branding Guide PDF

Paint Scheme

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