First Officer Program

First Officer Training Program

(801) 373 - 1508

Beechcraft 99/1900

First Officer Program


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Program Goals

To provide initial training and Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 135 Second-in-Command (SIC) qualification and certification. After pilot qualification, a temporary assignment on Alpine Air scheduled Part 135 Air Taxi route system for practical flight experience, including logged PIC time.


  • FAA Commercial Multi-engine license with current instrument privileges
  • Second class Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) medical
  • Minimum of 1000 total flight hours logged is required to enter this advanced program
  • Must have complex and high performance endorsement


Non- U.S. Citizens not permitted due to the Department of Labor Regulations


Ground Training - Provo, Utah / Flight Training - Billings, Montana

Training Duration

Initial ground and flight qualification - 15 days. After qualification you will receive approximately six to eight months of actual flight experience (logged)

Flight Experience

The flight experience will be approximately 25-40 hours per month conducted under instrument flight rules (IFR). Duties may also include loading and unloading cargo, for which the pilot will be paid an hourly wage.

Course Content

Ground Training - 10 days (64 hours with an additional sixteen hours of aircraft systems) includes initial company indoctrination and orientation, Crew Resource Management (CRM), Aeronautical Decision Making (ADM), routes, operations specifications, policies and procedures, aeronautical knowledge, regulations, etc.

5 Hours of flight training and a PART 135 checkride is included. The practical experience will be given on the assigned operational route with a guarantee of 150 to 1000 hours of flight experience depending on the training block times contracted for.

Tuition Cost

  • Beech 99 aircraft: $24,438 (300 hour program)
  • Beech 1900 aircraft: $24,438 (300 hour program) PLUS cost of Type Rating (approx. $9,000)
  • All books, study materials, and facilities are included in the tuition cost. Tuition prices subject to change without notice. Rates available for 150 hours programs also.
  • At least $10,843 reimbursed as wages earned throughout the course of training Therefore cost to student = $24,438 - 10,843 = $13,595 FOR 300 HOURS OF TWIN TURBOPROP TIME
  • NOTE that total cost of flying the twin engine turboprop Beech's is less than renting a Cessna 172 .


$500.00 Class reservation fee - due with application.
Balance due upon arrival for training. Payment will be made by Certified Check, Money Order, Credit Card (Please note there will be a processing fee for Credit Cards).


Common Routes

ALPINE AIR EXPRESS is an established, profitable, air cargo and transportation logistics company, which provides air cargo flights throughout the Western and Hawaii. UPS and USPS are frequent clients.